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Multi-Level Inspection Process

  • We have integrated our Quality Assurance System with the following "Traffic-Light Inspection Model" (3 levels: Green, Orange & Red) for incoming inspections.

    Level 1 (Green):Inspection by the Inspector
    Basic inspection on manufacturer part number, quantity, ROHS and date code requirements.
    Visual inspection to check on the physical integrity of products (e.g. scratches, gouges, cracks, discoloration, bent or missing leads, etc.) and packaging, including ESD and moisture barrier protection if applicable.
    Authenticity Verification of box packaging, original factory sealed and manufacturing label.

    Level 2 (Orange) : Verification by the Quality Engineer (QE)
    The engineer conducts a more rigorous inspection to re-evaluate all related issues raised in Level 1.
    Detailed inspection on physical product with respect to manufacturer datasheet.
    Verifies mechanical aspects of the product.
    Authenticity checking (e.g. body marking etc.).
    Conduct specific test as per requirement.

    Level 3 (Red) : Testing by a External Test House
    Solderability Tests to identify any lead contamination.
    Electrical Tests to verify component functionality to manufacturers specifications.
    X-Ray & Decapsulation Test to check the authenticity of the manufacturer's die and / or wafer.
    • Inspection Equipment
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    • Test Wafer
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